Africa 'Unity' football shirt 2010


Condition: 9/10

Comments: The Africa Unity Shirt - was intended to be worn during the World Cup in South Africa. Created by Puma, and originally sanctioned by FIFA, it was supposed to be the first ever continental football kit and the official third kit of the 12 Puma-sponsored African teams.

For as yet unspecified reasons it was never worn during the tournament but was used in pre-tournament matches.

The brown pantone was created by mixing actual soil samples from Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Cameroon. The colour gradient transitions from brown to blue is a visual metaphor for soil to sky. All of the applications, the number and the badge, are cast in yellow representing the sun shining down on Africa.

The official sizing of the shirt is "XL" however due to the design of the skin-tight shirts we best recommend this as a 'L' for a more comfortable fit.


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